The Little Box

O.K! Sing and Play part 2. This publication consists of 21 laminated illustrations on A5 format with songs and musical activities in a solid box. The CD not only contains the vocal versions but also the instrumental versions. The illustrations are made by Jonathan Absil. The arrangements are made by Dr. José Retra: composer, arranger, researcher and Music Education 0 - 4 teacher.

The children soon know which song belongs to a drawing. The drawings can also be used as a narrative record. On the back of the card you will find the notation of the song, information about the developmental areas to be stimulated and information on how to use the songs and the music activities. Four additional cards provide background information for parents, teaching staff and teachers in primary schools.


A few titles: Sleepy eyes, When the ducks woke up this morning, The dice, Tam tam, The fireman, Driving my race car, Musical animals, Let me hear it, Snowflake, Tsjinge tsjange tsjoke, Count with me, Step by step, Biscuit song, 1-2-3, Walk and stop!


Card Example


Audio examples



“OK! Sing and Play” is specially developed to stimulate through songs and musical activities the musical development of young children with a resonance to general development. The songs and music activities can be used at home, in day care centres, playgroups, after school care and in special music groups with under fours with parents. Children aged 4 and 5 and pupils in special education can also enjoy the songs and music activities.